COVID-19 Check-In

Please read all of the following, then tap the "Start Check-In" button.

This is a legal requirement of our COVID-Safe Plan, and part of the COVID-19 "Return to Play" guidelines
You must complete all check-in steps, which are:
  1. Create (or choose an existing) profile;
  2. Find your competition;
  3. Find your match;
  4. Choose your role (spectator, player, coach, manager, referee, official).
Check-in for a match opens one (1) hour before tap-off.
An individual check-in must be completed by each and every spectator, player, coach, and official, for each match, regardless of whether they have already checked-into an earlier match.
Players who fail to check-in will not be counted as "playing", and therefore the match will not be counted towards finals eligibility.
Your match may be stopped (or may not commence) if not all players, coaches, and officials have checked-in, and will not resume until compliant.

Check-in may only be completed by the individual (or a family member from the same household).

Team coaches and/or managers should only assist others to check-in and not do it for them (your device ID will be recorded).

Failing to check-in properly will put our community and sport at risk!