Wednesday Mixed/Men's/Womens

Looking to play an exciting team sport this summer thats cheap, safe, and easy to learn?

The Townsville Touch Football Wednesday night season is perfect for social, corporate, and family groups who want to play our exciting sport.

We offer Mixed, Men's and Women's competitions, and we do our best to split teams into grades to allow for all ages and abilities, from the elite to the first-timers, so even if your team has never played before, you'll be able to play competitively amongst similarly-abled teams.

2021 Competition Dates

  • Round 1 - TBC
  • Grand Finals (all grades) - TBC

Important Information

  • Team nomination fee - TBC per team (a late fee of $100 is applied if not paid before the first game)
  • Match fee - $5/player
  • Teams must supply at least one (1) person to the referee pool (see "Duty Referee" below)

2021 Conditions of Entry

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Duty Referees

All teams must supply at least one (1) referee when nominating to ensure that there are enough referees to cover games across the competition. Referees are not required to be accredited to begin with, and will receive training and accreditation by attending a free referees course held early in the season.

Referees are also paid for all matches they complete.

Duty referees may not be allocated every week, but when allocated must ensure they attend and officiate the game as allocated. If a duty referee isn't able to do so, they will need to find a replacement (usually from within their own team) or the team will lose two (2) competitions points.

Official referee's shirts, as well as spare whistles (if you forget yours) may be borrowed from the admin window on games nights.

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