Your chance to win big cash prizes for your team as the Townsville Touch Ca$h Comp returns under a new name.

Welcome to the

2021 Townsville Cup


Saturday & Sunday

2-3 October, 2021


Townsville Touch Fields

Paxton Street, North Ward QLD 4810


Elite & Senior1 Divisions

Maximum of 9 player points per team


Social Division

No A Grade2 or rep. players allowed

1 Min. age 30 (born 1991)

2 Townsville A-grade, BMTA Metro Cup, or NSW Vawdon Cup Premier/Div 1, or similar

Cash Prizes

Guaranteed cash prizes for every division winner and runner-up!

Team Entry Fees*


$1012 per team 3


$885.50 per team 3


$759 per team 3

3 Entry fees increased by 15% from 1 July, 2021

Player Points

Elite & Senior teams cannot have more than 9 player points.
Social teams can't have any!

PointsHighest representative level played at any point between 2019-2021
3AUS/NZ Men's Open
2.5QLD/NSW Men's Open
2AUS/NZ Mixed Open
AUS/NZ Women's Open
1.5QLD/NSW Mixed Open
QLD/NSW Women's Open
NRL Touch Premiership (Men's)
1.25AUS/NZ Men's 20's
AUS/NZ Men's 30's
1AUS/ NZ Mixed Senior
QLD/NSW Men's 20's
QLD/NSW Men's 30's
NTL Men's Open
0.75QLD/NSW Men's 35's
NRL Touch Premiership (Women's)
0.5AUS/NZ Mixed 20's
AUS/NZ Men's 18's
0.25AUS/NZ Women's 18's
AUS/NZ Mixed 18's
QLD/NSW Women's 27's
QLD/NSW Women's 20's
NTL Women's Open
NTL Mixed Open

Event Conditions of Entry & Rules

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