Life Member - Glen Wilson

Award Life Membership of the Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association Inc. on 11 September, 1990.

History of Service

1974 - Started refereeing in the Townsville Touch Association as was too young to play. (In early years players had to be over 25 to play)
1975 - Started playing in the Castle Hill Touch Association.
1978 - Vice President Castle Hill Touch Association
1979 - Vice President CHTA 1980 - President CHTA & delegate NQTA
1981 - President CHTA & delegate NQTA
1982 - President CHTA, delegate NQTA & inaugural member of Townsville Touch Referees Association
1983 - President CHTA & delegate NQTA
1984 - President CHTA & delegate NQTA
1985 - Vice President CHTA & Vice President NQTA
1986 - President CHTA; Vice President Townsville Touch Referees & Vice President NQTA
1987 - President CHTA, Vice President NQTA, Delegate QTA
1988 - President CHTA, President NQTA, delegate QTA
1989 - Vice President of newly amalgamated Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association & President NQTA,  delegate QTA
1990 - President of TCHTA & NQTA & delegate QTA

During this period, Glen has been:

Coach - Referees, Club, TCHTA, QTA
Selector - TCHTA, Regional & State
Referee - Local, Regional, State (currently a Level 4)
Tour Coordinator - TCHTA, NQTA, QTA
Manager - TCHTA, NQTA, QTA
Player - Club, TCHTA NQTA

Since Life Membership

President of TCHTA (1991-present)
TCHTA Delegate to NQTA (1991-present)

President of NQTA (1992-1997)
Vice President of NQTA (2013)
NQTA Delegate to QTA (1991-1993)

President of QTA (1996-1997)
Vice President of QTA (1994-1995)

Major Achievements

  • Amalgamation of the Townsville Touch Association and Castle Hill Touch Association, into the Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association Inc. (no Townsville Touch Football), resulting in full-time paid administration.
  • Lighting of the top four fields at Queens Park and the building of our very own clubhouse at Queens Park.
  • Lighting of the bottom four fields at Queens Park.