An Open Letter to all TJT Spectators and Officials

The Townsville Junior Touch Football Chairperson - Kerrod Hall - has issued the following open letter to our junior touch football parents and officials regarding alcohol at Queens Park during competition hours.

Disappointingly, I write this open letter to inform you all that we have now had several alcohol-related issues at Queens Park during our junior competitions. We facilitate junior touch football matches so that our kids can play sport in a fun and safe environment, however with these recent matters which have come to light it has been made clear that a small group of irresponsible adults simply don’t understand this.

There are three major points that all adults need to realise are non-negotiable regarding alcohol at our junior competitions:

  1. Queens Park is not a BYO venue – you cannot bring your own alcohol under any circumstances;

  2. Alcohol is only to be consumed in the licenced area (the fenced area at the clubhouse) and only if purchased from the licenced bar (at the clubhouse); and

  3. This is kids sport – if you need alcohol to enjoy being involved (either as a spectator or official) in our junior competitions, we do not want or need your services and/or patronage.

If you feel that any of the above three points relates to you and your behaviour over the last three weeks, please consider your actions and the image that you have portrayed to our new generation of touch football players, as well as the image of your club that you have now tarnished.

Remember – junior sport is run so that our kids can enjoy themselves. We want our parents to enjoy themselves too, but if you think you need alcohol to do so then please stay at home instead.

Moving forward, we will be working with QLD Police to ensure that patrons at our junior competitions comply with the relevant laws. Please consider this a warning that there are now very real ramifications for your actions that are found to be in breach of these laws or regulations.

There is a time and place to consume alcohol, and we currently provide you with both through our licenced bar. While we are not yet considering a total ban on alcohol sales, any further incidents will cause us to review that position. Put simply, one person’s actions may ruin it for everyone, because we believe that any profit from our licenced sale of alcohol will not come at the cost of our integrity or the ability for us to give kids a chance to play this great sport.

With all of the above said, rest assured that this letter is only aimed at a small minority of people, so I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you to those who have always done the right thing by us, and more importantly, your children.


Kerrod Hall
Townsville Junior Touch Football